Speakers Program


What is the program about?

The goal of the F# Software Foundation speakers program is to help local communities find speakers to present F# content in local meetups or events, by financially supporting new and experienced speakers with their travel expenses.

Request support

If you are a member of the F# Software Foundation, and plan to give a talk at a local event or user group, you can ask for support with your travel expenses by sending us a request, either by:

Filling this form, or

Sending us an email at [email protected], with the following information:

  • Location and website of the user group
  • Date and topic of your talk
  • Contact information for the user group organizer(s)
  • Any additional information you think useful.

You can also simply reach out on the F# Software Foundation Slack, in the #speakers channel.

You can find more details on how the program works below.

How does it work?

Giving presentations is hard work, and speakers freely volunteer to give their time to the Community. The F# Software Foundation believes it is important to encourage speakers and help local communities find speakers. We offer some financial assistance for speakers travelling to present F# content; we are aware that this is only a small contribution in comparison to the efforts and costs involved, but every bit helps, and we want to play our part in showing appreciation.

  • Speaker receives $50 for out-of-town travel within the country or state, and $100 for out-of-state or country travel
  • Only F# Software Foundation members are eligible for assistance
  • Payment is made once the event has taken place and feedback has been collected from speaker and host
  • Event has to be free and open to the public, with a publicly visible web address
  • Event does not offer travel support to speakers
  • Event has a code of conduct aligned with the F# Software Foundation
  • Assistance is limited to once per quarter, per speaker
  • F# Software Foundation Board Members and Executive Officers are not eligible for financial assistance

Special arrangements and exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis to accommodate situations that require them. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Note: Due to budget constraints, we cannot promise that we will be able to support every event. The earlier in advance we are contacted, the easier it will be able for us to help. All travel cost assistance is awarded at the discretion of the F# Software Foundation, and may be denied for any reason.

Requesting Speakers for a Meetup

If you are a meetup looking for speakers, send us an email at [email protected], explaining what you are looking for. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to arrange exactly what you want (Speakers are volunteers who give their own time to the community), but we will try to see if something can be arranged.

You can also simply reach out on the F# Software Foundation Slack, in the #speakers channel.

Getting listed as a speaker

If you want to be listed as an F# speaker here, send us an email at [email protected], or a pull request on GitHub, with the following information:

  • Your name
  • An email address where we can reach you
  • Your F# Software Foundation username (Instructions)
  • Your base location, and its latitude and longitude (Instructions)
  • How far you are willing to travel, in plain text ("Norway and Sweden"), and optionally in kilometers from base location,
  • A short biography
  • Optional: your Twitter handle, which will be used to provide a profile picture.
  • Optional: 1 to 5 talk titles.
  • Optional: 1 to 5 tags ("Type-Providers, Introduction").

How to make this program better

Do you have suggestions or ideas to make this program better? We would love to hear them! Contact us at [email protected] or on the F# Software Foundation Slack #speakers channel.

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