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Affiliated User Group Program

What is the program about?

The goal of the F# Software Foundation Affiliated User Group program is to:

  • Allow the F# Software Foundation to better assist both new and existing user groups while simultaneously extending the reach and impact of our Mission


How does it work?

  • User Groups may become affiliates of F# Software Foundation. (Affiliated User Group)
  • Group uses Meetup to organize and announce meetings.
  • Group is listed as organizational member on member roster
  • Group gets special denotation on User Groups map.
  • Shall have primary Organizer be the F# Software Foundation on Meetup

Benefits for User Group

  • Events will automatically be submitted to Communications Working Group, and advertised directly by F# Software Foundation
  • All meetup organizer dues will be covered via FSSF Meetup Pro accounts
  • User Group can request assistance from FSSF directly
  • FSSF may provide swag to groups at their discretion
  • Group is given higher allowances for speakers under FSSF Speaker Program

Requirements for User Group

  • User group must have a focus on topics related to F#
  • Events shall be free of charge
  • User group will use Meetup (or other event solution as determined by FSSF) as primary means of communication and management with group
  • Agree to have primary organizer within Meetup be the F# Software Foundation account
  • Agree that all events follow the F# Software Foundation Code of Conduct, as they will become official FSSF events
  • Agree to operate following standard "not for profit" guidelines (ie: no personal gain, no direct benefit for organizers)

Benefits for the F# Software Foundation

  • Furthers our Mission to promote F# globally
  • Extended reach: We will potentially receive ability to contact all members of all affiliated user groups
  • Extended visibility: FSSF gets a global presense
  • Ability to promote local events more effectively

How do I participate?

  • If you run an F# User Group, and would like to get more information about becoming an affiliate, email [email protected] for more information.
  • If you would like to attend an F# event and find a local user group, refer to the User Groups map.


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